An Insightful Overview On Swift Systems In Bridesmaid Dresses

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A Syrian boy walks through rebel-held Douma, near Damascus (9 January 2017) "All the rebel groups are going. Everyone has agreed," Mr Alloush, the head of the political office of Jaysh al-Islam, told AFP news agency. "Astana is a process to end the bloodletting by the regime and its allies. We want to end this series of crimes," he added. An official in the Free Syrian Army, under whose banner a number of Western-backed groups fight, told Reuters: "The factions will go and the first thing they will discuss will be the matter of the ceasefire and the violations by the regime." Earlier, the pro-opposition Shaam News Network reported that several rebel groups wanted to boycott the talks because of the government's offensive on Wadi Barada. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Jaysh al-Islam has a strong presence in the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta area near Damascus The delegation travelling to Astana will be different to the one sent to UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva a year ago by the main umbrella group representing Syria's political and armed opposition factions, the High Negotiations Committee. Mr Alloush quit as the HNC's chief negotiator in May, saying the Geneva talks had been "a waste of time" and accusing the government of intransigence. The HNC issued a statement on Saturday stressing its "support for the military delegation" travelling to Kazakhstan and expressing its "hope that this meeting will reinforce the truce". It added that it considered the Astana meeting a "preliminary step for the next round" of negotiations on a political settlement in Geneva. Image copyright AP Image caption Bashar al-Assad was quoted as telling French politicians that he was "ready for reconciliation" Russia has said they will complement rather than compete with the Geneva talks. President Bashar al-Assad has been quoted as telling French politicians that he is "optimistic" about next week's meeting and is "ready for reconciliation with [the rebels] on the condition that they lay down their arms".

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